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Privilege News May 2015


Sawasdee kha once again from the City of Angels. In this month’s newsletter we are delighted to introduce our Elite Personal Assistants. All Members must already be familiar with them as they are among the first smiling faces you meet as you arrive in Thailand. They are there to assist you in any way possible and give you information to make your transit through the airport an easy one. Such information including shortcuts through the airport, restaurants with excellent dishes, shops with big discounts and even things to do in and around the airport. One little piece of information they are sharing with us this month will make sports enthusiasts, and especially cyclists, happy. This new facility is part of the airport itself and open to the public. Read about the Suvannabhumi Green Lane below.



There’s a saying that goes – the first impression is the one that counts. And that is exactly why Thailand Elite has chosen the Elite Personal Assistants to meet you when you first land in the Kingdom. From your first steps off the plane up to your waiting limousine the charming ladies will be by your side accompanying you through the confusing walk ways of both Suvanabhumi International Airport and Phuket International Airport. They are there to assist members get through immigration formalities and accompany you through our exclusive privilege lane, help process tax refunds and to make sure that your time at the airport is uneventful and goes without a hitch.




Dressed in unmistakable golden Thai silk and often mistaken as regular airport staff, this unique group of dedicated young women are totally committed to being the best ambassadors for the country. Interestingly, the most important quality of an Elite Personal Assistant isn’t just beauty or having a university degree but the possession of a service minded attitude and a true understanding of hospitality. These are not skills that are easily learned and in fact are traits deeply rooted in their personality, upbringing and the graceful culture of Thailand. And this is most evident when they are doing their job. Which doesn’t seem like a job, as we know it. Because they seem to be at total ease as they effortlessly carry out their duties. From getting your tax refunds processed to providing you with any assistance you require. Every single one of our Elite Personal Assistants is extremely proud to be the person tasked with welcoming the country’s most distinguished members and they do everything possible to ensure a positive first impression. Their mission is to ensure a smooth and enjoyable transit through the airport from plane to limousine and vice versa. And that they do with heartfelt passion. We also enjoy receiving feedback, comments and suggestion on how to better improve our services. Please feel free to let the Elite Personal Assistants know directly or contact us at the call center.



Welcome to the 10th Laguna Phuket International Marathon will take place on Sunday, 7 June 2015. The nineth event was another great success with more than 6,000 participants from over 50 countries. In 2015, some 7,000 runners and walkers are expected to join the race with start and finish at Laguna Phuket.

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Suvannabhumi Cycling Track

An interesting development in the immediate vicinity of the Suvannabhumi International Airport is the recent opening of the Suvannabhumi Cycling Track, more commonly known as the Green Lane. Created by the Airports of Thailand the track is 23 kilometers long and gives the airport the unusual distinction of being the world first international airport to offer cyclists a safe environment to train. The track runs along the irrigation canal, which encircles the perimeter of the airport and serves as part of the airport’s flood defense system. Cycling enthusiasts will find the tarmac ideal for long distance riding as it is surfaced with green para rubber for its entire length. This provides excellent grip for all kinds of tires and is suitable for wet or dry cycling. The track has two lanes and goes in one direction. Meaning, once on there’s no turning back. However, the new 800 beginner’s track can serve as a warm up track as well. It is necessary to take note that CNN Travel has included the Suvannabhumi Cycling Track among the 5 best airport bicycle paths in the world. Members who wish to make use of this unique track need to simply ask and we will make arrangements and provide directions. Bring your own bike though because there are no rental services available just yet.

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Decisions, decisions. Making choices isn’t usually an enjoyable thing to do, especially when you’re at the airport. But fresh from the heels of a highly successful business trip or perhaps from a completely relaxing holiday, one big decision still awaits you. With one of our lovely Elite Personal Assistants accompanying you, having easily cleared immigrations and other formalities you then realize that you have some time to spare before you flight departs. The decision to make is this; how do you spend those few remaining moments? Well, there are two main choices. Members who can’t seem to get enough of the shopping haven that Bangkok is would want to maximize the last remaining minutes and opt to rid themselves of what cash they have left in their pockets. It’s a good thing King Power Duty Free has its stores spread out and positioned at strategic areas in the departure area. Appointed by the Airports of Thailand to be the sole duty free retailer in all international airports in Thailand, King Power is a truly world class shopping paradise in itself rivaling any high end department store. Everything from fashion accessories, wines and spirits, electronics to local handicraft, souvenirs and even fresh Thai orchids can be found there. Thailand Elite members get an automatic 20% discount from most items they carry. There is sure to be something for you to take back and to leave behind your money. Also available at Phuket International Airport King Power Duty Free has you covered if you depart from the southern island.



Or perhaps you had an exhausting trip and now you feel like you need a holiday after your just concluded vacation. Maybe you already miss that beach chair you left a few hours ago? Worry not because the Louis Tavern has CIP Lounge facilities in 6 easily accessible locations within the departure lounge all open 24 hours. Facilities in the lounges are those that you would expect from a first class lounge including a wide assortment of gourmet refreshments worthy of any 5 star hotel. There are hot soups and sandwiches, fresh fruits and juices as well as an extensive selection of liquors and alcohol if you so need a drink, quiet and private setting. Just ask any of our Elite Personal Assistants and she will guide you to the nearest of Louis Tavern’s CIP Lounges.

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