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Privilege News December 2015


Dear Members,

Sawasdee kha and welcome to December’s newsletter. For all Thais December is a very important month because it is when we celebrate and pay homage to our King on his birthday. H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world's longest reigning monarch, is deeply respected by all Thais old and young. The occasion of his royal birthday provides the Thai people with the opportunity to express their loyalty and reverence for him. All over the country, buildings and homes are elaborately decorated and the area around the Grand Palace is spectacularly illuminated. December 5th is and a public holiday to celebrate the birthday of his Majesty the King. The occasion is marked by an outpouring of love and reverence by Thai people throughout the kingdom and around the world. Buildings and homes all over the country are elaborately adorned with flags, portraits of His Majesty and bunting, predominantly in the color yellow.

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, or King Rama IX, ascended the throne on 9 June 1946. Through his combination of devotion to the welfare and development of his people, and a keen understanding and awareness of political and social issues HM the King has won a special place in the hearts of Thais. As an institution, His Majesty continues to play a central role in a wide spectrum of national and social development schemes. His Majesty’s many projects, that cover the range of education, science and agriculture among others have propelled the nation forward into the international scene.

This month, we are honoured introduce you to the many events surrounding His Majesty’s birthday celebrations, the outstanding Royal Projects as well as new business partners who offer special membership benefits. 






The last month of the year is a joyous time for Thais as we reflect the amazing contributions HM the King has bestowed on the country. Celebrations and events are held nationwide and we would like to bring your attention to two important events.

HM The King’s Birthday Celebrations

On 5 December, Around the Grand Palace and Ratchadamnoen Avenue areas of Bangkok, thousands of vividly colored marigolds decorate the streets. On the evening of the holiday itself, the streets around Ratchadamnoen and Sanam Luang are closed to traffic and thousands of people take to the streets. Spectacular fireworks displays are held and the atmosphere is joyous and festive. The best way to enjoy the atmosphere is to take a bus to the Rattanakosin area, and just stroll along the crowded but traffic-free streets for a truly memorable experience.



Phuket King’s Cup Regatta 2015

The Phuket King's Cup Regatta is Asia's biggest and most popular regatta. Inaugurated in 1987 to celebrate the 60th birthday of His Majesty the King of Thailand, the event has been held every year since during the first week of December. This year’s events coincide with the auspicious Diamond Jubilee celebrations of HM the King as the world's longest reigning monarch.

With Royal Patronage, the Regatta is organised by the Phuket King's Cup Regatta Organizing Committee under the auspices of the Royal Varuna Yacht Club, in conjunction with the Yacht Racing Association of Thailand, the Royal Thai Navy and the Province of Phuket.



Every year the King's Cup Regatta attracts some of the world's finest yachtsmen, yachtswomen and their incredible boats to the waters of Kata Beach, off the island's west coast, where local and visiting sailors vie for the coveted Royal trophy, creating a truly spectacular sight in the process. Beginning on December 5, the races run until December 12.




Throughout the history of Kingdom of Thailand no one has done so much to improve the well-being of its people as His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. He has initiated literally thousands of development projects that have greatly benefited the country and its people. In the early days of his reign His Majesty made many visits to rural areas throughout Thailand. Accompanied by Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, His Majesty visited the least developed areas of the country to see how the people lived. The royal couple travelled to every part of the country, visiting villagers and learning of their living conditions, problems and needs at first hand.

HM the King as always said that the people’s problems are also his, and so he has never stopped striving to improve their lives. It is for that reason the people proclaimed their King “Father of the Nation” and the monarchy has become a rock solid institution, ensconced firmly in the hearts of the Thai people. Of all the projects HM had initiated two projects stand out from the multitude as they have had a direct effect on the development of the country and the improvement of the Thai people’s livelihood.



The Chaipattana Aerator

The Chaipattana Aerator is a floating buoy that rotates slowly to pump oxygen into wastewater. It was patented under the name of His Majesty and the Chaipattana Foundation has collaborated with the Royal Irrigation Department in developing as well as utilizing the aerator to treat wastewater in Thailand. The aerator serves as a model for a simple and low-cost mechanical device to alleviate wastewater and is now used all over the country. Due to its cheap cost and low maintenance the aerator is used all over the country to improve water quality both for agriculture and consumption. It works by scooping up water on its water-wheel and sprinkled back onto the surface to introduce oxygen levels into the water.




The Royal Chitrlada Projects

Chitrlada Palace, the Royal Residence Their Majesties the King and Queen is a royal palace like no other. Within the walls where splendour and opulence is expected are dairy farms, rice fields and fish breeding ponds. All of these are pilot projects used to study, research and develop the agriculture industry. The reason for this is due to HM the King’s concern for the
livelihood of the local farmers who relied on tradition to farm the land.

In 1961 His Majesty King Bhumibol ordered the Rice Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to improve varieties of rice for both transplanted and upland rice fields to be planted at Chitralada Villa. His Majesty personally drove the tractor and went to the demonstration plot regularly

to observe and to record the progress of growth of the rice that he personally sowed at each stage in detail until its harvest. The seedling from the royal rice field was then distributed evenly across the country for further planting. As such, Thailand has been a leader in the worldwide rice industry for many years.

After a visit to Denmark in the 1960’s His Majesty initiated the Suan Chitrlada Dairy Farm. From 4 milk cows the royal farm had started the milk industry in Thailand by researching how local farmers can breed and milk cows. The milk industry has grown and currently produces enough milk for consumption within Thailand, improving the health of the Thai people by providing high quality milk.

The royal project for fish ponds started in 1952 when His Majesty raised Tilapia mossambica in a pond at Amphon Palace. Later, fish of this species were bestowed on every village head and district chief of the whole country for widespread breeding. On 25 March 1965, His Majesty the Emperor of Japan, then Crown Prince Akihito, presented 50 fish of a Japanese species to our King who placed them in a pond at The Royal Chitralada Projects and bestowed the name Nil fish (Tilapia Nilotica) on them. At present, this variety of fish has spread to every water body in this country and has become an important cash fish.




This month we are pleased to present to you a hotel that needs no introduction. The Banyan Tree Bangkok is an all suite hotel located in the heart of the capital, close to numerous diplomatic missions and near the shopping and financial districts of Bangkok. It has been synonymous with high quality accommodation and luxurious ambiance. The other aspect they are renowned the world over is their multiple award winning restaurants.



Located in the garden, this all day dining restaurant features an extensive range of breakfast, lunch and dinner favourites. For lunch and dinner, guests will be spoilt for choice with the freshly prepared sushi and sashimi varieties, imaginative pasta of your choice. A selection of fresh seafood grilled to perfection and hot sauces are also available. Dessert indulgences include the ever-popular homemade ice cream, sherbet, chocolate cake and the luscious blueberry cheesecake, and homemade bread.

More Infomation : Click Here!




Bai Yun

With a panoramic view of the city and an award-winning Cantonese cuisine to woo discerning taste buds, Bai Yun is one of the leading Chinese restaurants in the heart of urban Bangkok. This popular restaurant on the 60th floor of Banyan Tree Bangkok features a contemporary look in burgundy and silver colours, featuring high ceilings and modern Chinese-style furniture. The restaurant’s menu features traditional Cantonese dishes, including handmade dim sum, as well as a wide selection of more than 30 fine Chinese teas.

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Saffron is the signature restaurant of Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts. The philosophy behind the restaurant is its name, which is a precious reddish-golden spice used for its distinctive colour and pungent taste in saffron - flavoured dishes. Located on the 51st and 52nd floors, elegant Saffron serves traditionally Thai dishes with a modern, creative twist.

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TAIHEI, which means “Peace” in Japanese, is a modern split level restaurant with a sake, sushi, and yakitori on the 53th floor and teppanyaki on the 54th floor. The sake menu features nearly 100 different bottles, making it one of the largest collections in South East Asia. TAIHEI is an elegant and intimate eatery, with a not-to-be-missed sake and teppanyaki experience. The muted black interior and minimalist décor compliments the large display of sake bottles on the walls. Guests can enjoy a traditional sushi and yakitori on the exclusive counter. It is guaranteed to be a memorable experience, tasting superb contemporary Japanese cuisine at this
luxurious sky-high restaurant.

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Thailand Elite New Year Card 2016 From Foot and Mouth Artist

This beautiful card is a reproduction of a painting done by one of several amazing artists from around the world who create masterpieces such as these using a unique method.Because of disease or injury they have lost the use of their hands and have created this elaborate painting with their mouth or their foot. The Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World was founded in 1956 and currently based in Liechtenstein the association prides itself with helping disabled artists distribute their unique work. We have selected to support this project as the proceeds go directly to the talented artists themselves providing them with a much needed livelihood. It is only through these small decisions and actions that we are able to bring hope to those in need and we believe that you will treasure this delightful piece of art as much as we do. Thailand Elite wishes you a joyous season and a prosperous New Year.




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