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Privilege News April 2016


Elite Notes from the President
An Essential Procedure That Can’t Be Missed

Sawasdee krab, and welcome to the April edition of the Thailand Elite newsletter. It is with great pleasure that from this month onwards, I will be the one to address you directly and inform you of important things I feel you should be aware of plus a variety of information that can make your stay in Thailand a more pleasurable and enjoyable one. I hope you don’t mind.

One of the most important things a visitor needs to do while residing in the Kingdom is the 90-day reporting. Veterans of Thailand know how this works but many who are new here may not be familiar with the process and how being a member gives you added privileges.

I’d like to bring your attention to a very important duty, if you can call it that, of every foreign national residing in Thailand. And that is the mandatory 90-day reporting that you must perform. Normally, a foreigner would have to be present at the immigration and inform the authorities of their place of residence. But, since you are an esteemed member of Thailand Elite, you will be pleased to know that your membership status allows you to let our officers represent you in this 90-day reporting as long as you are holding a privilege entry visa. If you are located in Bangkok, Chiangmai, Phuket and Cholburi you can easily let us do this for you by simply giving us your passport on every Tuesday. Do note that you must give us your passport at the very least 15 days prior to the designated 90-day date.

A foreigner may inform their temporary address 15 days prior to or 7 days after the designated 90-day date. If this time period is passed, a fine of THB2,000 will be imposed. But in the event that the foreigner is caught by authorities the fine will be THB4,000 instead.

The documents required for us to represent you at the immigration is just:
1. Passport
2. Notice of overstaying 90 days, if ever you happen to have an overstay
3. The completed and signed TM47 form

But if you like, and if you have the time, feel free to do this yourself at the Immigration Office of the province you have reside in. For those in Bangkok you can report yourself at the main immigration department in Chaeng Wattana Road. It is important to know that the 90-day reporting process is not a request to continue staying in the country and must (allow me to stress that) must perform.





Pruet Boobphakam

Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd.





Elite Privilege Alliance
Exclusive Benefits

As a member of Thailand Elite who is holding a “Privilege Entry Visa-PE”, you have the exclusive benefit of using the services of our alliance partners to process your 90-days reporting. These partners are able to assist you with documentation as well as representing you at the immigration. I’m also excited to provide you with some recommended hotels for when you travel within the country.

As a member of Thailand Elite, you have the exclusive benefit of using the services of our alliance partners to process your 90-days reporting. They are:






Star Visa Service

For more information :
Click Here!


N.A. Service
(Thailand) Co., Ltd.

For more information :
Click Here!


Phuket Visa Law Office

For more information :
Click Here!


Remark : For 90-day report, please contact our 24-hour call center for advanced arrangement, then drop your passport and completed application form at Thailand Elite head office or at one of our partner’s offices on Tuesday. The report will be done on wednesday and your passport will be able for you topick up on Thursday.

90 days report form : Click Here!



I do a lot of travelling in my job and during my personal time, so I would also like to present to you these really good quality hotels. I have found these establishments to provide good service and excellent accommodation facilities and believe that you will enjoy them too. Another one of our alliances I would like to suggest is a law firm. They can provide consultation and services on all legal matters as well. You will not be let down.



Akyra Manor Hotel
Chiang Mai

For more information : Click Here!

Holiday Inn Bangkok

For more information : Click Here!



InterContinental Bangkok

For more information : Click Here!

Plaza Athénée Bangkok

For more information : Click Here!





Paying Made Easy!

Lastly, we have now installed an EDC machine at our main office on Sathorn Road and you are now able to pay for the membership fees and settle your annual membership payment easily by your credit card. Simply bring your credit card with you to the head office and we will handle the rest.



Now! On the Social Scene. Facebook Fanpage!

I am also delighted to inform you that we now have our very own Thailand Elite Facebook page. It will be a place where you can easily go to find updated information, news and entertainment. Please do visit, click like and share the stories you find interesting. That way we'll know what kind of stories you like.

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