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Visa Privilege & Immigration Service

Thailand Elite Members will be granted a “Privilege Entry Visa” when applying at any 
Royal Thai Embassy, Royal Thai Consulate-General, or at the Thai Immigration Bureau at 
Suvarnabhumi, Chiang Mai and Phuket International Airport.

This “Privilege Entry Visa” is a multiple entry visa which is valid for five years - and is renewable as long as the Membership is valid. The Members are also granted an exclusive length of stay for each stay from regular 90 days to 1 year. Remarkably, the members can stay in the country like a Thai citizen. The extension of 1-year stay can be made every year without the usual need to cross the border - exclusively for this Thailand Elite’s Privilege Entry Visa.

Thailand Elite also provides the Members the unlimited Elite Personal Liaison to present to Thai Immigration Bureau Chaengwattana, Bangkok in place of the Members as in the 90-day obligation issued by Thai Immigration Bureau without additional charge*.

The Members can also complete the Privilege Entry Visa renewal at Immigration Bureau Offices at Suvarnabhumi International airport upon arrival, or Chaengwattana-Bangkok and 90-day presence by themselves at any available Thai Immigration Bureau offices throughout Thailand.


• “Privilege Entry Visa” is for Thailand Elite Members only.

• “Privilege Entry Visa” is entirely independent and unrelated to the procedure to obtain a work permit.

• The visa privilege conditions, extension periods, and fees (THB 1,900) are subject to change by Royal Thai government policies and the Thai Immigration Bureau.

• The Free of Charge Elite Personal Liaison offered for the 90-day presence at Thai
Immigration Bureau is limited to the offices at Chaengwattana, Bangkok only. 
Further information about extra service fees can be provided upon request.

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