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Privilege News October 2016

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What’s happening in Thailand Elite

Dear Members,

Sawasdee krab, once again, and welcome to the October issue of the Thailand Elite newsletter where I get to communicate with you and talk about what’s happening in Thailand. But first, allow me to advise you about the adverse weather conditions. October is at the end of the monsoon season and rain is still expected in many parts of the country. To prevent any ailments that comes with the season, there are some very potent herbs and spices in the many Thai dishes. My favorite method of strengthening my immune system is by eating! And you should eat a lot of Thai cuisine too. In addition that you can always get a massage to relieve that stress so that your body is rested and ready for the following day’s challenges.

In this issue I am delighted to bring to you news and information on Thailand and introductions to several places to expand and enhance your experiences. Thank you and happy reading!





Pruet Boobphakam

Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd.

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Thailand is best known for its culture and arts. Thais love to relax and the best way is to get pampered in the art of massage. With intricate knowledge of the human anatomy, the secrets of healing aches and pains have been handed down throughout the ages. Cuisine is also an important part of any culture and it defines the country’s history as well as its values. Thai food is known to be healthy due to the fresh ingretients and herbs and spices used in countless dishes. This month I am pleased to introduce to you a world class spa and two exciting restaurants, all featuring the best of Thailand.


Spa Botanica 

Located in the heart of Bangkok and very near to the Thailand Elite headquarters, the Sukhothai Hotel is famed as an oasis of absolute calm in the middle of this bustling city, with manicured lawns and gentle bird song.

This feeling is amplified as you step into the grounds of Spa Botanica, with the gentle sound of water and a calming garden providing a sense of instant relaxation. In fact, everything at Spa Botanica has been designed with the guests’ experience in mind. It is housed in a quaint little house in the leafy grounds of The Sukhothai Hotel and offers a complete range of signature treatments to both men and women. The garden setting, gentle music and Jim Thompson silks are designed to appeal to every sense, as are the premium Panpuri and Aromatherapy Associates scents and oils.

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Oriental Spoon Restaurant,
Grill & Bar 

The extremely chic and trendy Oriental Spoon Grill & Bar is the signature restaurant of Twinpalms, a stylish resort located in Surin Beach on Phuket's west coast and can seat up to 130 guests in a modern and innovative settings blending cutting edge architecture and Thai traditional decorative elements and materials.


Its Sunday brunch is very popular and its reputation for fine dining exceeds expectations as half of its clientele comes from outside the resort. Oriental Spoon Grill & Bar serves Thai and western fusion food; two separate menus present the different types of cuisine. The Thai menu is particularity original as it introduces the four coloured sorts of rice available as side-dishes: Butterfly Pea Rice (blue), Pandanus Rice (brown), Turmeric Rice (yellow), and Roselle Rice (purplish-red); each sort has specific health benefits. The term 'fine dining' would be fitting to describe the food served here, and the passion and commitment of the Thai Chefs in preparing their dishes is second to none. A great address in Surin for some state-of-the-art dining.

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Baan Khanitha & Gallery

The second of her four award winning restaurants ‘Baan Khanitha’ is the brainchild of Khanitha Akaranitikul, an visionary who made her name as a designer of beautiful fashion garments for her ‘Khanitha Thai Silk’ boutiques. With a homely Thai ambiance, the use of traditional and antique handicrafts and sculptures, paintings, plants, decor, and delicious Thai cuisine served in beautifully custom designed plates and dishes, Baan Khanitha is a favorite destination for Thai cuisine aficionados.

Located directly on Sathorn Road with ample parking, Baan Khanitha‘s stately home‘s many rooms are perfect for savouring true Thai flavour either among intimates or within a large joyous group in Khanitha‘s Gallery exhibiting selected local and international artists. You can also enjoy the rich flavour of Thai coffee specialities, as well as selected herbal drinks, fresh fruit smoothies and Khanitha‘s totally scrumptious melt-in-your mouth 100% homemade cakes and desserts all-day-long at the Moom Gafair Café.

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Elite Event
Niche Car Event

Last month I had the chance to be a part of a prestigious event held by Niche Car Group, the authorized dealer of Lamborghini, McLaren and Lotus supercars in Thailand. They have been importing luxury cars into Thailand for several decades and continue to set the pace for supercar distribution. In this event, Niche Car Group launched the amazing Pagani Huayra at their main showroom. Accompanied with several of our members I had the pleasure of presenting the Thailand Elite Card to those in attendance and presented a dance performance, Thailand Elite Dance by talented performers. The memorable night was capped by Fivera, a beautiful award winning opera singer. 

Elite Cine Club Thanks Giving

The long anticipated action packed movie, The Mechanic 2 starrting Jason Stratham, had their preview screening at the exclusive Dimplomat Screen, Central Embassy, for our special Elite Cine Club Thanks Giving. In attendance was well known actor Anteo Quintavalle who was a supporting actor in the film. Coincidentally, he is also a member of Thailand Elite, so it was wonderful to have met him there. The movie was filmed also in Bangkok and Koh Lipe and features some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Be sure you catch it in theatres.

Elite Information
Legal & Tax Updates
Thailand - July & August 2016

1. Personal Income Tax Rates Update in 2016

On 19 April 2016, a Drafted Revenue Code Amendment Act was adopted by the Government in order to amend the personal income tax rates prescribed in the law for residents of Thailand (including foreign national residents of Thailand) from and including the 2017 personal income tax year.

The changes of the progressive rates from 2017 are as follows:

For Thai non-residents the rate is a flat one of 15% of the whole amount of personal income.

2. Foreign Business Licenses are no longer required for certain banking and finance services

On 11th February 2016, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) issued the Ministerial Regulation Prescribing Service Business Not Requiring Foreign Businesses License (No. 2) B.E. 2559 (2016). 
Pursuant to this new Regulation, a foreign business license will no longer be required for the following services:
• Commercial banking business
• Service business as representative offices of banks
• Life insurance business
• Non-life insurance business

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Credit: HLG Harvey Law Group



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