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Privilege News December 2016

Elite Notes from the President
Thailand Father’s Day

Sawasdee krab and welcome to our December newsletter. As you would have already heard, the past several weeks have been a most difficult and sad time for all Thais in the country and abroad. HM King Bhumipol Adulyadej passed away on October 13 leaving behind a legacy unlike any other. Coming up this month is His Majesty’s birthday anniversary on December 5. Because of His Majesty’s tireless efforts in developing the nation and improving the lives of the Thai people, this date is also known as Father’s day. And on behalf of allthe government agencies and the Thai people I would like to express our deepest sorrow on the loss of our Father. In the few pages of this newsletter, I would like to present to you a few of His Majesty’s work during his incredible reign. And by doing so I hope to be able to convey to you why he is so loved and admired among his subjects. Furthermore I am also pleased to welcome in the cool season with some really nice venues that are not only attraction but part of His Majesty’s projects which created jobs and improved the livelihood of the hill tribes.





Pruet Boobphakam

Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd.

Soul of the Nation

Several Royal activities happen in December and as mentioned, His Majesty’s birthday anniversary falls on the 5th. Going back 10 years to 2006 we celebrated the 60th year of His Majesty’s reign. On that particular day millions upon millions of Thais gathered in front of the Ananda Samakom throne hall, all dressed in the Kings color, creating a massive sea of yellow. For Thais, each day of the week has an official color and yellow signifies Monday, which was the King’s day of birth. Following that day, all government agencies and offices as well as the private sector joined in wearing yellow on every Monday.

Many fashion houses and shops all over the country carried yellow dresses and shirts and they were in high demand. In addition to that, King Power Charity organization group produced and promoted the wearing of yellow wristbands which practically everyone wore them to show solidary and loyalty to His Majesty. On these wristbands were the simple words, “we love the King”. Even though one million were produced, the demand was so high other groups made more. Anyone without a wristband would be seen as strange. In the years after that shirts and wristbands would also be a trend during His Majesty’s birthday celebrations. Other items would also come into the market such as pins, rings and bracelets bearing the King’s image.


Events would be created to show the people’s love and loyalty to His Majesty, such as songs and movies. This year there will be a movie dedicated to His Majesty “Following Father’s Footsteps” and projects called “For Father Forever” and “Doing Good for Father”.

Every December we would often hear a song with lyrics that go, “the picture that is in every home, whether poor or rich, near or far. The picture in every home, with love and loyalty with all our hearts.” This is just one of several songs that have simple but very meaningful lyrics. Because in every Thai home you will find a picture of His Majesty which acts like the glue that binds the Thai people together. It doesn’t matter if the photo is big or small, faded or vivid the love that the Thai people have is never changing and unconditional.

Introducing Sightseeing Venues

During His many travels to the remote mountains in the north, His Majesty always thought of ways of how he can help the people in those villages which are so far away from everyone else. He initiated many projects to help them and to improve their way of life. Because the norther hilltribes were so dependent on opium growing He came up with His New Theory of Land and Water Management to show the farmers that there were other crops that can make money. His projects had also developed the surrounding areas and made them into beautiful tourist desitnations so the people have another stream of income.

Tourists flocked to these new destinations to enjoy nature at its finest as well as participate in the local customs and traditions.

One important aspect of visiting these rural areas was for visitors to see how His Majesty the King had built the foundations of a thriving and successful community. Please allow us to share with you a few of these projects in order that they be an option if you want to see places that are off the beaten track.

The Royal Angkhang Research Station

A comfortable 3 hour 10 minute drive from Chiang Mai, through some of Thailand's spectacular scenery, Angkhang is the fantastic place to unwind. The mountain location, cool climate and scenic beauty of the surrounding countryside make it an ideal escape with the best time to visit deemed to be the cool, winter months.


Doi Angkhang offers a unique destination for tourists with both the beauty of the natural environment and the intriguing and unique lifestyles of the local hill tribes. A visit to the Royal Angkhang Station Project is a must while in the Doi Angkhang area. This research project provides agricultural support to neighboring hill tribes and develops non-indigenous crops for them to grow. Beautiful flower and bonsai gardens are tended alongside fruit, vegetables and herb gardens. The healthful produce of the Royal Angkhang Agricultural Station Project is available to purchase, depending on the season.

Royal Project Doi Inthanon

This Royal Project was founded in 1969 to solve the problems of deforestation, poverty and opium production by promoting alternative crops such as coffee reflecting King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s desire to improve the lives and livelihoods of the poor and needy. The project began back in 1969 to encourage hill tribes to cultivate cash crops instead of growing opium, providing them with training in modern agricultural techniques as well as with all the necessary tools and equipment.


Today the agricultural station is home to many temperate-climate plants, lush flower gardens, a highland trout fishery, plant breeding and multiplication labs, rice terraces, coffee plantations and even a strawberry orchard. All of which are open to the public who are encouraged to come and learn about the station’s important and life-changing work. Visitors can even stay overnight at the Royal Project giving them more time to explore the beautiful, natural surroundings that include some fantastic trekking trails, hidden waterfalls and and hill-tribe villages. Although open all year round, the best time to visit is right now in the winter months when you can enjoy cooler temperatures and more often than not, clear blue skies.

Maelanoi Royal Development Project

In 1970, Their Majesties the King and the Queen visited the village and expressed concern over the quality of life and extensive deforestation. Later, the Mae La Noi Royal Project was founded to encourage the hill people, including those in Ban Huai Hom, to grow highland crops instead of opium. The Royal Project helps transfer knowledge and distribute these agricultural products.


Among them were Arabica coffee and woven wool cloth from Ban Huai Hom, which is also available for export. The coffee grown here is of such high standards and quality that they are sold in several Royal Projects as well as purchased by Starbucks as an excellent locally grown coffee bean. Tourists can watch how coffee is grown and harvested as well as see how the locals weave the wools and cloths that have made them famous.

Khun Wang Royal Project

When His Majesty the King first visited this area, He was pleasantly surprised by the many crops being grown here and mentioned that the Khun Wang district can be and should be developed to improve the produce. The Khun Wang Royal Project is located in the mountains near Doi Inthanon National Park about 60km southwest of Chiang Mai. Various activities have been installed by the Royal Project that have given villagers profitable work and a better livelihood.


The Khun Wang project is also home to a research center devoted to studying the uses of macadamia nuts as well as other cold climate crops. Visitors can see vast fields of cold weather flowers such as Lillys, Alicia’s Touch and Carnations. Not to be missed when in the area is a meal at the Association restaurant which serves dishes made from mushrooms grown at the project itself. Recommended dishes include mushroom curry, barbecued Portobello mushrooms, Champignon mushroom soup and other delicious entrees.

Elite Announcement
For Thailand Elite Members

Dear Thailand Elite Members,

We wish to express our sincerely gratitude for being our members and we do hope that you are satisfy with our airport services. In addition, we are aiming to improve our service to higher level for both existing and new members. Having said that, our service is comprised of effective coordination between our Elite Personal Assistant (EPA) and immigration officers in which yours expedite service is our priority.

At this stage, Thailand Elite received a very warm welcome by our new members, 716 for the last twelve months and we are expecting even higher number for the next twelve months. With these new numbers arising, we have been instructed by Immigration Bureau to concentrate our express airport service particularly at the immigration counter designate for Thailand Elite member only. However, we are truly aware that your family members and your guests is important to you, and we have done the best we could to serve you and yours accompany recently.

With this instruction from the Immigration Bureau, we have no choice but to comply with, hence, we are sorry to inform you that, we are not able to provide the express airport service toward yours accompany.

Lastly, please be informed that this new procedure will be effective on February 1, 2017. Meanwhile, we would like to assure to you that Thailand Elite members will receive the best service from our team as always.

Once again, thank you very much for your support.


Sincerely yours,
Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd.

Elite Privilege Alliance
From now on, I would like to tell you about some of our partners that you, our members, can visit. These 4 venues are new businesses that have just come into our circle and all of them offer high quality accommodation and services.


X2 River Cruises

If you’ve always wanted to cruise the Chao Phraya River in a luxurious vessel, this is just for you. The X2 River Cruise is a 30-foot Italian designed and made piece or art. Designed after the Venetian taxi boat, this cruiser recalls scenes of Venice’s famed canals and instills a luxurious European feel in travelers who choose to embark on it.

This cruiser is built to receive only small parties up to 14 passengers, making it perfect for more personal and intimate trips. It comes fully equipped with real leather interior, full air conditioning, refrigeration for drinks, and a sliding roof for open-air sightseeing. Whether you want a climate-controlled tour of the river or feel Bangkok’s tropical heat as it is meant to be experienced, X2 River Cruises has you covered.

For more information and reservations please : Click Here!

The Bonanza Golf and Country Club
Nakhon Ratchasima

Located a couple of hours northeast of Bangkok, Bonanza Golf & Country Club is in the cooler elevations near Khao Yai National Park. This international quality golf course plays through a Khao Yai valley that is rather pastoral in nature.


The course has elevation changes of about 120 feet, sloping generally south to north with several large reservoirs at the north end of the property. The course is wide open with scarcely any trees in sight and maybe the fewest bunkers of any course in Thailand. Adjoining the property is the Bonanza Khao Yai Hotel for stay-and-play guests. As a departure from traditional Thai building procedures that are predominately structured out of concrete, 80% of the materials used in the Bonanza development are made from local wood.

For more information and reservations please : Click Here!


The 9th Floor Restaurant
& Bar

Located on the ninth floor of a prominent apartment building just off Rat-U-Thit Road on the island of Phuket the western-facing restaurant commands exceptional city and sea views.

On most evenings it’s a premium destination for sunset dining. Up to 60% of diners are regular customers and that can only be a good thing. Dining here is a gourmet experience and one that is highly recommended.

For more information and reservations please : Click Here!

Veranda Chiangmai
The High Resort

Located in the outskirts of Chiang Mai, just 10 minutes from the airport, Veranda Chiang Mai - The High Resort is a luxury retreat for travelers wanting to experience traditional Thai culture and hospitality.


Here, travelers find a peaceful, Zen-like retreat set in a picturesque valley, with 64 luxury guest rooms scattered across the valley slope. All rooms and suites are decorated with dark tropical woods and contemporary Thai furnishings. Stay in a suite with a Jacuzzi or plunge pool, and relax on your outdoor daybed with a view of mountain streams and rice terraces. 

For more information and reservations please : Click Here!

Elite Information
Tourism Authority of Thailand prepares New Year activities centered around Charity and Prayers on 31 December 2016

The New Year celebrations are just a few weeks away and it is usually a joyous season. This year will be different for Thais all over the country as we are all still in mourning for our beloved Father. The Tourism Authority of Thailand has planned several activities around the country on December 31.

Khun Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the TAT, mentioned that all government agencies were instructed to carry on with their duties in spite of the official mourning period which extends for one year. The TAT then decided to change the planned activities of celebrations, fun and dance into activities of charity and of doing good deeds.

The ground of Sanam Luang through Rajadamnoern Avenue all the way to the Ananta Samakhom Throne hall will be the venue of this event. There will be religious ceremonies in the morning where people can give alms to monks, donating to charitable foundations and cleaning of the area. In the late afternoon both Thais and foreigners are invited to pray throughout the night into the new year, for His Majesty the King. Candles, derived from His Majesty’s composition “The Candlelight Blues”, will be lit in remembrance of His Majesty.

The TAT will have a tourist information center at Sanam Luang to assist visitors and provide information as to which of the attractions are open during this time. The Immigration Division will assist by preparing black ribbons for visitors wishing express their condolences.



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