Who can join Thailand Elite?

THAILAND ELITE is open by invitation from selected sources. Please contact us via our email at info@thailandelite.com, salesgroup@thailandelite.com or via 66 (0)2353 4129, 66 (0)2353 4130 from Monday - Friday (8.30 - 18.00), memberservice@thailandelite.com, or via 66 (0) 2352 3000 (24-hour service, seven days a week) for more information.

How can I join Thailand Elite?

What services are available to Members?

What are the costs of Membership?

Can other family members use Thailand Elite services?

How can I get more information about Thailand Elite?

How does the five-year visa work?

In the event that the Member wants to transfer Membership to a third person, what are the procedures to accomplish this?

What are the qualifications of the Member?

  • Be sui juris under Thailand law (Ultimate Privilege Member must be a minimum of 20 years old)
  • Be allowed to stay in Thailand in accordance with the immigration laws or any related law of Thailand
  • Hold a foreign passport
  • Not have been adjudicated bankrupt, and
  • Not have been declared a person of unsound mind, incompetence, or quasi-incompetence.
  • Not have been sentenced by a judgment to imprisonment in any countries (except for an offence committed through negligence)

Are there investment possibilities in Thailand for the Member?

After holding the Membership, how can the Member use the privileges and benefits?

What are the main privileges for Thailand Elite Membership?

How long can a Thailand Elite Member stay in Thailand with a 'Privilege Entry Visa?'

How long is the application process?

What are the required documents?

  • Copy of an identification page of your passport
  • Color ID photo (high-resolution file)
  • Completed Application Form
  • Copy of proof of relationship as Immediate Family of Core Member

Why does Thailand Elite require a copy of your passport?

Can I apply for Thailand Elite Membership, If I'm holding Non-Immigrant (B) Visa with Work Permit?

Is a Thailand Elite Member required to do 90-Day Report?

What would happen if I only have three years left on my passport?

  • According to Immigration Bureau of Thailand, if the length of your current passport is not up to five-year period, the Privilege Entry Visa will be affixed in accordance with the expiration date stated on the passport. The remaining validity will be affixed on your new passport.
  • Please be informed that Thailand Elite requires at least three blank pages of your current passport and term of the Visa shall be granted in accordance with the validity of Membership.

Can a Thailand Elite Member open a bank account?

If I'm overstaying in Thailand, can I apply for Thailand Elite Membership so I do not have to leave the country?